Type of text key controls

So I just installed Scrivener, and I like how it works. However, I can’t figure out how to change what the different new line keys (tab, enter) do depending on what kind of text I’m using.

For example, I hit “Enter” from typing some Set Description and it automatically switches to “Character” mode. Fine. But after I type the character name and hit “Enter” it goes back to Set Description mode, when I want to be writing Dialogue. Is there any way to change the key settings? I’d rather not have to keep clicking on “Dialogue” in the lower left hand corner after every single character name I type.

Once you hit enter to get to set description, just hit tab to go to Dialogue (this is how it works in Final Draft and others too). You can change this via Text > Scriptwriting > Script Settings… though, if you do want it to go straight to Dialogue.