TypeIt4Me on sale at the App Store

If you need this sort of software it’s on sale for $4.99 at the App Store. I think the author is giving users an opportunity to change to the App Store version. Of course, anyone else can buy it, too.
It’s a lot faster than it used to be. I’ve gotten so used to the auto-capitalization feature of Scrivener and Nisus that it is very inconvenient to type w/o it. TypeIt4Me adds that feature to everything else. It plays well with Scrivener but on a few forums adds odd characters to posts making it difficult to read them. I don’t know why that happens but I have to pause it when posting on those sites.

I took advantage of this sale, which is a big discount, and I have to say the software itself seems very good. But I do have one issue that has made me go back to using Snippets, even though I like the extra features of TypeIt4Me. I don’t know if anyone has a solution, but I am posting this as both a heads-up and a hope that someone can tell me how/if there’s a way to fix it.

TypeIt4Me works by using copy and paste to expand snippets. Normally that’s fine, I guess, but I use a clipboard manager (iClipboard), which is one of my favourite and most-used pieces of software. But using TypeIt4Me alongside it results in every expansion being placed on the clipboard. Doing that just ten times, say, would save me some time in typing my document, but I would lose more time, and be frustrated, by then having to go through each expansion in the clipboard to delete it.

Just in case, I tried adding TypeIt4Me to iClipboard’s ignore list, but since the expansions occur in other apps, it doesn’t help. So unless there is some solution I’m missing, I would say this is a great app at a great price, but if you use a clipboard manager, Snippets is a better choice.

I guess it depends on your clipboard manager. In CopyPaste Pro TypeIt4Me did not add any of the expanded text as a clipboard. The same goes for PTH Pasteboard.
In Keyboard Maestro 4 it affects the Clipboard History Switcher, but not the Clipboard Paste Switcher.

I briefly used iClipboard 1 since it was cheap, but preferred alternative products. One solution would be to try other clipboard managers.