Typewriter indicator on toolbar icon ...? (and Cmd-Enter)

Just got thru the tutorial for 1.1, and everything looks great.

One thought I had, though, as I was testing out the Typewriter mode … Perhaps there could be some kind of indication on the toolbar icon when Typewriter mode is turned on or off? I know, it’s not like it’s going to destroy data or anything, but playing with the features a bit I found I lost track easily of whether I was turning it on or off. (Unless I’m missing something …) The Corkboard and Outliner icons depress when they’re enabled … maybe something along those lines?

(Oh, and by the way, I also noticed in on Step 8 of the Tutorial, the text says you can press “Cmd-Enter” to play and pause a Quicktime file. On my keyboard, Cmd-Enter just causes an error beep; Cmd-Return acts as a play/pause toggle. Perhaps this is a difference between American and British keyboard layouts …?)

This aside, Keith, take a break and enjoy yourself :slight_smile:

I’ve always used “enter” and “return” as synonymous.

As for the typewriter icon - there is no easy way of doing this. The toolbar allows only for one selected item, and the corkboard/outliner toggles use this feature.

I don’t think the differentiation is really necessary, as it’s not standard with OS X toolbars.


Aaaah, bummer. Yeah, it’s not worth a lot of hassle … I haven’t coded in over fifteen years and on nothing like modern GUI operating systems, so it’s hard to tell what’s easy and what’s difficult anymore. :slight_smile:

Enjoy your time off and keep up the great work :slight_smile: