Typewriter Scrolling in Page View

Hey All,

I just had a quick suggestion.

I absolutely adore writing with typewriter scrolling - it keeps everything flowing (for me) in a rapid fashion, and my eyes get to be lazy.

However, I (personally) like writing in page view. I could be a complete idiot (wouldn’t be the first time) and found that after nearly 6 years of using this software, I don’t know about the button that does this…

But, my wish would be to implement typewriter scrolling while Page View is active. For me, typewriter scrolling is greyed out when Page View is implemented.

Thanks for reading, and stuff. And see some of you during NiaD!

Also - I tried my best to search the forums for this. If I’m blind AND an idiot, then I owe some of you a beer. :wink:

Here is an answer to that request. And don’t worry, the forum has nearly 200,000 posts to trawl through these days. :slight_smile:

Ah! You rock!

Thanks! Sorry for the trouble.

Wait! What about the beer?! :wink:


Damn! I’ve been caught.

If we ever have a forum or NiaD meet up, I’ll buy the first pitcher :wink:

Well, to his credit, he did say if he was both blind AND stupid. At the time you posted, there was only evidence for blindness…

…however, now that we have a full confession and he’s offered to shout first round, I’m in! :smiley:

Yes, certainly I should have said,

But now we get free unconditional beer and we didn’t even have to blind or stupefy him – no small beer since those are likely treasonous acts upon an admiral.