Typewriter sounds

These two miscreants (Jaysen and wock), come from a long line of, ‘Backwoods, inbred redneck, Moonshine distillers’.

The only things reputed to be more fearsome and ferocious, than these backwoodsmen, are the numerous, ‘Bigfoots’, that roam various places in the States. The only things more fearsome than `Bigfoots’, are the wives and mothers of the Rednecks :open_mouth:

I leave you to draw your own conclusions.
Take care

Ha hargh Viv-k just gander at this website. YOu know if it is on the internet it just has to be real! :slight_smile:


Oh and for “Typewriter sounds” on your Mac you can try this FREE demo

mac.softpedia.com/get/Utilities/ … oard.shtml

What on Earth makes you think I`m a non-believer? :open_mouth:

And!! Not Surprisingly! Where else do you think they are big into Sasquatch watching? You guessed:
Take care

aww! Cute little devil. :smiling_imp: