Typewriter sounds

Ya, I know… but don’t laugh. I had a shareware prog once, but wasn’t willing to pay for it, that made my keyboard sound like a typewriter. I loved it. Plus it made it easy to recognize missed keystrokes.

I use an preference pane called keyclick http://sustworks.com/site/prod_keyclick_overview.html. Not perfect, but useful, and a lot cheaper than Typewriter Keyboard.

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It’s funny how often this comes up, but I’m afraid this sort of thing doesn’t really belong in Scrivener. Definitely pay for that shareware program!

Thanks for your suggestion and all the best,

I have payed for the program mentioned, Typewriter Keyboard, and I absolutely [size=150]love[/size] it! It’s definitely worth the money, if one has grown up with a real typewriter and love the sound. (Plus, I found some sounds to enhance certain keys - a powerful “return key sound”, a strong “delete backwards sound” etc.)

Does anyone know about a software that creates the smell of old typewriters? That special scent of oil and grease and I don’t know what else? No? A pity.

I do smell like that after 2 weeks straight writing. :slight_smile:

There you go Andreas, you just need to license Typo to come around and sit on your desk while you’re working. :slight_smile:

I come as a household licence, but without student discount! :smiley:

Typical Prussian, "Tight as a Shark`s Arse’, approach to life!! tch! tch!


No problem, long gone are my student’s days…

I have to think about the offer. Is there a test drive possibility? A shortcut on/off?

Sorry, no trial period, no refund.

But I offer many upgrade possibilites:

  • Typewriter sounds. ("Click. Clickclick. Clack [that was Return]).
  • Spellchecker. ("Andreas! Come on! You should know how to spell “Rhythmus”!)
  • Motivational speaker. (“Didn’t you already post on the Lit’n’Lat forum today? GET TO WORK!”)
  • Answering machine. (“No, Mr. Eschbach is not to be disturbed until he’s finished. And contrary to popular belief he’s NOT locked in the basement.”). iPhone integration optional.
  • Six unique smell alternatives (Blueberry, Lime, Strawberry, Tangerine, Grape, Hemingway)

Now, ehm, back to topic. :smiley:

YES, that totally put me back in front of my Remington Rand!


Thanks for the replies, guys. I’ll buy that shareware program after I pay for Scrivener. I can hardly wait till I own it.

And Keith… thanks for such a decent test drive.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

I know many people who have bought cell phones so they could type text messages to friends.



I tried typewriter Keyboard for a about an hour and it drove me nuts. It took my mind completely off my writing and onto the insufferable noise. No thank you.

I learned to type on an old office manual typewriter, the kind that had to survive constant turmoil in detachment HQ, including but not limited to spilled beer, leaky roofs, hang-overs, and rampaging first sergeants. It was, as well as sturdy, loud. LOUD. From there, to less noisy office machines to fairly quiet portables to early electrics to the IBM Selectric (still the best keyboard I’ve ever used) and so on to the Apple wireless. I don’t know whether I like the sound or not, but it’s comforting. Familiar. I enjoy having it around, sort of like a lazy brother-in-law who tells great jokes. But I can understand that someone who learns to type on a modern keyboard, where the noise not only is not intrinsic but actually has to be imported, someone in that situation might find the noise a pain in the ear.


Yes, of course. For someone who has not grown up with that sound, it makes absolutely no sense. It’s like with smells: You smell a certain spice and immediately recall your grandmother baking christmas cakes - well, but it’s that connection that counts, not the spice in itself.

Or to say it more bluntly: If you’re not old enough, forget about typewriter sounds. :laughing:

Spices? You mean the smell of brandy isn’t supposed to remind me of grandma baking cakes?

vic-k are you as stunned by this as I am? I know pigeon head is in the same boat with me. All Aussies are in as well (to they use brandy to thin out liquor). Are the +3+1 united in this?

Obviously you had another grandma than I had. :laughing: