Typing and Cut-and-pasting Chinese characters

Using Chinese characters (Traditional Chinese, Big-5 or unicode) sometimes makes Scrivener crash. Sometimes, it continued crashing whenever I tried to deal with Chinese characters. But sometimes it worked smoothly without crashing. Don’t know why.
If I copy-and-paste directly from Word, Chinese characters disappeared, while English still remained. If I import the document, then copy-and-paste, sometimes it worked, but other times, it crashed again.

Hopefully, the final edition already correct this bug.
Anyhow, this software is amazing, and I desperately expect the release of the final edition. It rescues me from escaping from dissertation writing.

Yes, this beta version seems very unstable at least on multi-byte languages. I use Korean Windows 7, and Scrivener keeps crashing suddenly. I don’t know why, but I remember some crash cases are related to cut-and-pasting. Early this year I also had some problems with Scrivener, but not crashing problem. Recently, I gave up using Scrivener and waiting for the next beta version scheduled for next month.