Typo bug

Running Windows 10 and the latest beta.

I’ve discovered a bug where, if you start a new paragraph with a word that Scrivener believes is a typo and marks in red (which might be an actual typo or might be a character name or some piece of worldbuilding that hasn’t yet been added to Scrivener’s dictionary), Scrivener will mark each word in that paragraph as a typo and mark it in red.

This can be replicated by typing any sentence that begins with a typo.

Correcting the initial typo or adding the word to the dictionary solves the problem; however, this is still a little annoying if either I don’t want to add a word to the dictionary or if I don’t want to stop typing.

Sorry, but I could not reproduce the problem. Probably a screencast or a video will help us reproduce the problem. In my tests only the first word got marked as a spelling error and not the whole paragraph.