Typographer's quotes vs. Diacritical marks

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I am a Slovak author and so I need to use diacritical marks while writing (such as č, á, é etc.). Of course, I am usings quotes as well. But there’s a problem - I can’t use it at once because if quotes are turned on, I can’t use the accent mark, because when I try to type the accent mark on my keyboard, it automatically uses the alternative quote, which I actually don’t need at all.

So, is there any way to use quotes without problems with diacritical marks? For example using quotes WITHOUT alternative quotes? Please, help me, I am really interested in this great app. :slight_smile:


I’m afraid not, as the typographer’s quotes mess them up, as you note. This is fixed for Scrivener 2.0, out early next year, where you can choose to use Leopard’s built-in smart quotes instead of the custom typographer’s quotes.

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As a temporary solution, you could write without typographic quotes in Scrivener, and then do the conversion automatically in either TextWrangler, Nisus Writer, or maybe even some other wp I’m not aware of.


Or even convert in Scrivener after writing, using Text > Convert > Educate Quotes.
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Oops, I missed it. But I like complex solutions, so I guess I’d do the conversions in all programs subsequently…

Just out of curiosity (and because I’m at least a little obsessed with typographer’s quotes):

Do Slovakian keyboards not have two seperate keys for accents and for single quotations marks?

The German one has and I use accents like é, è, ê (third key, by the way) all the time with activated typographer’s quotes without any trouble.

isn’t opt-e the way to accent the character? so opt-e e gets me é on my US system. opt-u u get ü. opt-u a gets ä. I am probably missing something though.

There ist not THE way to generate certain characters because even languages that contain of Latin letters all have their little differences.

For example, in German we use Umlauts all the time so we have extra keys for ä, ö and ü. Using opt+the vowel without the diacritical mark would take too long. (For an ë which is no Umlaut and almost not at use in German we have to type opt+u+e; opt+e gives us the Euro symbol. Money, you know …)

For the English Umlauts are just like occasional visits at a Häagen Dasz shop so opt+vowel will do it.

What intrigues me about what Benci wrote is that it seems the—Mac?—keyboard layout for the diacritical mark heavy Slovakian language is not designed to cope with this and typographer’s quotes at the same time.

And for anyone who’s interested:



Thank you for your answers!

Well, Slovakian keyboard has several special keys for á, é, š etc., but not for all, for example for ŕ, ó I have to use more keys, but the key for accent is the same that for the alternative quote. So the best solution for me is the one Keith posted - thank you! :slight_smile:

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