Hey all,

Saw that this was the place to put software we are currently using and suggest to others. I am currently using Typora for all of my small writing projects. It is a markdown editor with ‘preview as you type’ that has some really nice theming capabilities.

Basically the way I have been organizing things is by having a folder in my dropbox with files and subdirectories (with files of course) underneath it for each project and just opening the parent folder in Typora. I then set it to reopen any previously opened folders and files upon startup. In the sidebar, I can then open/close the tree as needed to open various files. I also can rearrange files by simply dragging them around in the tree view on the sidebar rather than having to go back to finder.

Anyways, didn’t know how many people had heard of this app before or wanted a really good markdown editor for writing. This is really a whole different animal than Scrivener (which is quite massive in comparison), but for a smaller lightweight editor for working with plain markdown files, it is good. I use Windows, macOS, and Linux all on a regular basis and it supports all three.


I think Calmly Writer does the job, too!