UI: Confusing import preferences

This is a UI nitpick.

Where: Scrivener 1.0RC5

Problem: Import Options in preferences don’t make it clear whether or not the settings interact (they don’t) or why. A reasonable person selecting “Convert HTML files to WebArchives” and then further checking “convert WebArchives to text,” might expect this:

Image: current UI

Suggestion: Replace both inputs with a single dropdown menu:

This new setup is more slightly restrictive in that it doesn’t allow one thing that was previously possible: a person could import web pages as webarchives unless they are already webarchives, in which case it would change them.

It certainly is. :slight_smile: Whilst you have a point, this is implicit, given that the other option from the dropdown is “Convert HTML files to text”. So, this will remain as it is for now.

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Fair enough. Believe me, if I could have found a show-stopper, I would have filed that instead. best, J