UI layout different between themes

When switching between light and dark themes I noticed that there were inconsistencies in the layout/placement of UI elements. Actually, the light theme seems to be good, but all the other themes don’t line up.

Hopefully these screenshots help out. I didn’t changed the size or placement of windows when taking them.

Here you’ll see the horizontal placement of elements don’t line up between themes.

In the binder you’ll see that the line-spacing is different. You’ll also notice that the arrows are butted right up to the edge, and the arrow design is even different between the light theme and dark themes.

All themes, except the light theme, have gaps around the format toolbar.

There’s one more screenshot I’ll post directly below this.

The light theme also has a different scrollbar design then the other themes.

Also, any selected element has the arrows disappear, which makes opening/closing chapters tricky.ScrivenerArrow.png

After looking at several of the darker / non-default themes, this is an issue in many of them.

Confirming that with RC 10 my issue is fixed for dark mode and solarized dark (I’m just assuming that for other themes the release notes are accurate).