UI : medium : 1 pixel "vibration" in full screen

Under certain conditions the text will “vibrate” up and down 1 pixel, as you type. I am not certain if it can be reproduced under multiple conditions, but I do know that Typewriter Scrolling + a 125% font enlargement did the trick for me. Setting the enlargement to 100% caused the vibration to go away. I should note that it does not happen constantly. It seems like every once in a while, I get a line that holds steady. Once a line acts one way or the other, it does not change. Once word-wrap kicks in, all bets are off.

Actually, it kind of looks like a typewriter shaking the desk, but—I don’t think that is the effect you are going for. :wink:

Hmm, can’t recreate this one off the desk. It sounds like a rounding error in the scaling. What are your screen settings? If I recall correctly you are using PPC, right? (Can make a difference.) Is there anyhing else you can find to help me recreate this?


Yes, PPC. Screen resolution is 1920x1200. I cannot get it to happen in the regular editor with TypewriterScrolling turned on, only full screen. I cannot think of anything else at the moment.

Thanks, I’ve found it and am looking at it at the moment. It is caused by a minor rounding issue. I’m just deciding on the best way around it - it should be very easy to fix.

Right, hopefully this is fixed for the next version. I’ve added a 1-pixel tolerance to the code. The “vibration” was caused by rounding during typewiter scrolling in a scaled view that led to the scroll point always trying to “correct” itself by a pixel when on certain lines. This was because when working with view co-ordinates and dividing them by 2 (to find the halfway point of the view for typewriter scrolling) and trying to compare the results, they can be off 1 pixel either way. Testing on a line that always had the vibration before seems to suggest that this has fixed it, though I’ll be more confident when it’s out in the next beta and has had more use.

All right, I’ll keep an eye out for it when the next version is out. Thanks!