UK pricing?

Haven’t seen this yet. I guess it will be £15.99 or so as it is just under 20 US dollars. Is that accurate? Can’t be a state secret or have I missed it somewhere?


It’s in the blog. :wink:

$19.99 is “price tier 20” in Apple’s scheme, which currently equates to £14.99 in the UK App Store. There’s a full table of price tiers here: … atrix.html

And yes, you read that right: of your £14.99, Apple takes £6.25, and we get the remaining 58%. Not that I’m complaining (grumble)…

It’s about what I thought - a quid cheaper - and well worth it. Thanks for the info.

Just remember 15 quid = 15 billion Canadian dollars with the way our government is handling things. Cheap meds my arse!

Yeah…I’m on three hours of sleep…aiiii…

Quit bitching!

I live in in Australia so that $19.99USD = $30.99 here.

Cost of living is higher here and wages haven’t moved in 6 years. And don’t believe the lifestyle propaganda our (barely effective) government puts out! We work like mules and when we actually have the time to enjoy the great outdoor, we get skin cancer.

Ooops, that was bitching - never mind - just buy Scrivener for iOS and enjoy the experience. By all accounts it’s more than worth the price.

According to that graph it’s about what I’d expect for Canadian funds $27.99 But I still might need to buffer my wallet with the added vat and then taxes. Oh wait, looking at tier 1 it seems to include the vat padding. So I just need to add enough for taxes. Good to know :smiley:

This is something I’m pretty much sure Keith will not comply to because of its complexity and likely equates to him not making as much money but I think the way apps should be sold should not the same way we sell gold; that is, it needn’t be the same price everywhere around the world. 27 Canadian is pretty steep for an app but I can’t imagine what that equates to in Bangladesh. Hence this app pretty much equates to mainly ‘the first world’ being its primary costumers and leaving all those Indian taxi drivers and Somalian goat herders out of the equation. But you know who’s writing I’d really like to read? The thoughts of the rickshaw driver or the goat herder because well it’s writing and I think it’s important to read the words of people not just living in first world. It would be nice if scrivener therefore varied its prices throughout the world, and based it more on its relative worth to other good and services of a particular country. Yeah I know this makes things terribly complex but let’s put it this way: if a shirt in India is roughly worth 100 rupees why would anyone in their right mind pay anything worth some hundred times that price for an app?

Take it up with Apple. You can only choose a single price tier and then Apple sets the price around the world based on that tier.

Selling online into different countries at different prices would be a nightmare on our own store anyway. We’d have complaints galore.

It doesn’t have to be complex Yosimiti. You can buy the 2nd hand ipads for those folks. Be sure to have Scrivener for iOS already installed for them. They will appreciate the donation and you will have the first chance to read their stories. :slight_smile:

and it will take many hours to download - even if you are lucky enough to have been upgraded to the new national baudband

Lol, don’t even get me started on that one. Tony Abbot, infrastructure prime minister my arse.

I really must complain about Scrivener pricing. I know people will groan, but I must get this off my chest because I think the pricing is pretty outrageous, frankly.

Yes. Scrivener is way too cheap… :wink: But seriously, I’m delighted for students and other younger / low-income users that the cost is so reasonable but I sometimes think that compared with other writing tools / word processors etc. I see (most of which are inferior), Scrivener is dirt cheap. The only way I can salve my conscience is to buy additional copies for friends, as presents.

Thanks – and I’m looking forward to the iPad version.