UK Scriptwriting format issue

I’ve opened Scrivener for Windows (Version: (1812589) 64-bit - 18 Oct 2022 ) for the first time in about six months. I’m doing what I generally do, I’ve created a new project, selected the UK Stage format but the formatting is different to what I’ve previously enjoyed using. The most obvious changes are the character names start the line in bold, dialogue starting after the colon. However, subsequent lines (line 2 onwards) aren’t lined up with the dialogue of line 1. Other elements are wrong too. Scene actions appear in small italics. What’s happened? Since I haven’t used it, merely updated it, it’s nothing I’ve altered.

If you have a modified or older version of the script settings you’d prefer to use for new projects, there is no reason to stick with what comes in the current project template.

Refer to §19.6.1, Managing Scripts, in the user manual PDF, for instructions on how to export script settings from one project and import them into another—or to create a preset that will show up in the Format ▸ Scriptwriting ▸ submenu.

I would also suggest creating your own project template to start from, that has these settings instead of the stock. You can read more about that in §5.4.3, Creating Your Own Templates.

I’ll look in to setting that up. What I’ve noticed since posting my issue is that the length of the character name is causing the issue. It didn’t used to do this. A twelve character, character name doesn’t mess up the indentation of the dialogue where a thirteen character one does. This implies a limitation to character names.

This kind of formatting uses a tab stop and hanging indent to align the dialogue to the right of the character name. The way this works is that if the text meant to be a “leader” on the line is too long then the measurements are “wrong” for the content. There is no universal answer to that problem other than increasing the indent amount universally (which is something you would do in the Script Settings window). If your character names tend toward longer, that’s what I’d do, though you may want to double-check and make sure the narrower dialogue column is acceptable to whoever you’re working with.