Umm-laut Laut-laut Umm-laut

I found that Alt 0246 is the umlaut that I need - ö.
Is there an easier way to show all the alternate letters…

Didn’t readily find it…

Umm-laut Laut-laut Umm-laut

This is where I would go:

another way, and nicer: install and use the US Internatinal keyboard on Windows.

With this, you can get common Central European characters by prefixing with WindowsKey-nearby punctuation.

It’s not really educated; it’s Microsoft, so you use WindowsKey-" to get umlaut, not WindowsKey-:, and they just don’t think about things like Nordic vowels, which you sill have to use numeric codes to get. But for German, French, and so far as I’ve used it, Spanish, it’s quite useful.

More thoughtful and much nicer yet, is the keyboard arrangement on an iPad. There, you use the equivalent to the Alt key with the letter often needing the mark, and then type the letter you want. Thus Alt-e-e to get acute accented e, but also acute-i, Alt-u-u for that umlaut-u you want, etc… i presume Mac is the same.

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It doesn’t help the OP, but yes, the Mac is the same as the iPad with a keyboard. On the iPadOS/iOS onscreen keyboard, a long press on a letter will bring up all the accented/alternate versions of that letter, including Nordic vowels and “accented” consonants for Eastern European languages. The latter aren’t so easily available through the keyboard.