Unable to access "Format" to change existing Inspector font sizes

I selected an existing Inspector Synopsis text, then attempted to select “Format” to change the font.
The menu for Font remained grayed out
The process works for the Note section only.
Is there another way to change the font /size for existing text in Synopsis sections of the Inspector?
I have set my preferences for all new insertions, and wish the existing to match.
[I am using the current Windows 3 beta version]

Below is the control for it (on the Mac at least). It changes all synopses at once.

The index cards are for display only, so I wouldn’t think about it too much if I were you. If you export a synopsis, you can format it in Compile.

[attachment=0]index card font.png[/attachment]

Thanks, this worked in Windows similarly, after I went through the process a couple times before it took hold :smiley: It is odd that the inspector Notes font settings are in a different location, though. They appear one after the other in the actual Inspector, so I expected the respective settings to be in the same menu…
Your quick and pertinent reply is appreciated!