Unable to change fonts document wide, must do it for each individual section from the editor

I am unable to change fonts using File → Options → Editing → Formatting.

I am using a custom font I downloaded from the internet. When I choose a Section, I can highlight the text and switch to my custom font in the editor, and it works properly. I have 117 chapters currently and I don’t feel like switching each one by hand.

Using styles to format your text, you could simply update the style in question and it would apply the change across your whole project.

Another option (if you didn’t use styles) would be to do it at the compile phase.

I just tried that. Once implemented, it only works when I create a new Section, it doesn’t switch the font from all the already existing sections over to the new font.

That means that you haven’t assigned a style to the content of those other sections…
Or, that your paragraphs are assigned a different style.

I assume that by “section” you mean “document in the binder”. If so, lets call those “documents”.
Tweaking the default formatting for new documents in the options does that and only that : apply it for NEW documents.

There is no option to assign it to non-new documents. When you unclick the option to set it for new documents the little model text editor where you can select a new font, etc… goes dark and you cannot select new fonts, type in it, change the font size, etc…

Format → Style → Set Default Formatting → Formatting → No option to edit the font/size, must click “Use different formatting for new documents in this project” to change anything. Go ahead and unclick the box and watch what happens. I tried selecting the Novel Format, highlighting all my chapters then going into Formatting, setting the option then closing and reopening Scrivener, etc… Nothing works.

What you need for the moment is to learn how to use styles.
Refer to Chapter 17 of the manual.
It’ll be worth your reading time.

If you want to take the easy road (assuming you don’t have diverse formatting across your documents, you could always format a paragraph the way you want it (font etc) then use these options instead (copy/paste formatting) :
2022-01-27 13_02_56-

I don’t recommend it. (I am more of a “fix it once and for all” type of guy.)

Actually what the OP needs is, having set the default font and paragraph attributes in the Options, to highlight all the documents and the use Documents → Convert → Text to Default Formatting…

The default formatting appears as “No Style” in the editor because it doesn’t have style attributes marked. Scrivener styles are best used for text like block quotes and any other text that differs from the norm. You can style everything, but in doing so you’re creating a rod for your back when it comes to compiling.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:


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Yep. That should do it. Assuming there is no formatting variation across the OP’s documents.
Else, all these formatting specificities will be lost.

The initial question was about a font replacement only…

Each of my Chapters is its own Text in Scrivener. I have 117 of them. Everything you’re doing requires me to open each Chapter individually and click inside the editor. I created a format (Pelagiad font, size 13) and I can easily apply it to one single Text, by double clicking the Text and clicking inside the editor for that Text.

I copied the formatting like you said. From the Format tab, “Paste Formatting” is greyed out and not an option when I Shift + Click to select all 117 of my Chapters (that are Texts in Scrivener). It will only paste when I click the Text and click in the editor. However, I already created a style, and I have the Styles window open. I am applying the Style from my Styles Panel, but that also requires me to click inside the text editor for each individual Chapter.

I have taken detailed screenshots showing everything but I’m not allowed to post images in this forum, it keeps giving me an error. My account is verified. The screenshots show what the problem is.

Either you do it in bulk the way Xiamenese said and lose all of your formatting specificities (if any)
or, you’ll have to take the time and properly assign styles to your chapters/documents’ text.
→ which will take exactly as long as copy/pasting formatting, but, once done, if ever you want to tweak something across your project, you’ll be able to do so in less than 30 seconds.

Xiamense - Your solution worked! I would like to note that it is impossible to modify the default style setting without leaving the “Use different formatting for new documents in this project” setting checked. You have to check that box and hit apply, then Shift + Click to select all chapters, then do the Set Default Formatting.

Thanks all for your help. By the way, I read the appropriate styles section in the manual, and it does not tell me how to do what Xiamenese said. I would post a screenshot of it and what it says but I can’t post images (either pasted from my clipboard or uploaded from my computer using Explorer), this is the specific part of Chapter 17 where it says “Whether applying styles while typing or retroactively…” and makes no mention of setting the default then switching to it. In my opinion this section should be updated with Xiamenese’s advice. Their idea of applying it retroactively is to go through and click everything individually then use a hotkey to change it.

The problem page in the manual I’m referring to is 367. I was able to create a Style with ease, but applying it to all of my selected chapters at once retroactively wasn’t possible with the manual’s advice.

Also, question - What is the purpose of the File → Options → Editing → Formatting menu that shows a model paragraph that you can modify with the “Apply” button. Will that only apply once you’ve already assigned a style to your chapters? I suspect not because I just went in there and changed the font again, and predictably, nothing changed, no fonts changed. I think the File → Options → Editing → Formatting menu simply doesn’t work; it doesn’t change existing text nor is new text typed in the main body of my chapters in the new font.

That’s how new document’s text will look. Only NEW documents.
For if you don’t want to use styles. (I still don’t see why someone wouldn’t tho. To me, it is like looking for trouble when comes the time to compile.)

For reference, the File → Options → Editing → Formatting menu, when I hit apply then close the menu then open it again, it loads with my new font choice in the model paragraph box, but that font choice (Niagara Engraved, very easy to spot) doesn’t appear anywhere else in the program.

I’m fully aware how neurotic I look here, I’m just trying to document this in extreme detail so the developers/other people can understand what’s going on. I would much rather upload pictures or a .gif or something but I’m guessing I can’t because my account is new. This will be my last post in this thread.

Thanks again for your help.

2022-01-27 13_42_13-Scrivener

And no, you don’t look or sound neurotic. You asked for help/advice, that’s what the forum is for.

I’m confused by your post Vincent - I have the little model paragraph box open from File → Options → Editing → Formatting, and it’s literally using the Niagara Engraved font. I then hit Apply, close the window, go back to editing, and it appears nowhere in the program, nothing adopts the new Niagara Engraved font, everything stays the exact same font, no old text adopts it, and any new text I type doesn’t use it, no matter where I type. It’s like nothing changed to Niagara Engraved.

I would also add that making people create a new account just to use the forums is inefficient because I’ve had a Scrivener account for probably 7 years, yet when I finally updated it and went to use it, I wasn’t able to upload pictures/.gifs of possible bugs/unclear guidance in the manual because the forums require a new account, and new accounts could possibly post spam. This will be a problem for lots of new users posting bugs/asking for advice, but of course we’re not living in a perfect world.

Actual last post, take care all.

Just create a new document in your binder, type some text in it and see that it will actually be formatted the way you just formatted the demo text in the options.
The formatting in the options applies to new documents only. (As in created after the default formatting was tweaked.)

@KajikiaAudax Scrivenings Mode enables you to get large swathes of your text — or your whole manuscript — into the editor pane all at once as though it was one thing (even though it is actually spread across many documents). You can make many sorts of global changes to your text this way. For example yu could Select All and change the font.

Scrivenings Mode is, in my book, a core feature of Scrivener and well worth getting to know!

Unfortunately, that isn’t implemented in the Windows version yet. Although the text looks like a single long one, edits are still limited to within a document’s boundaries. You can’t do any editing that affects more than a single document.

The topic was initially located in the Scrivener for Windows part of the forum.

Ach. Sorry for the mislead, then. I thought the day had already arrived (approx full parity).