Unable to copy to USB and open on new computer/convert to Word Document

I spent a week using Scrivener. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but now, a week later, everything is held up on one computer and I’m unable to move those files to my other computer. Then there’s the problem of converting them back to a MS Word file. Customer Service says it will be days before they respond, but I’m under a deadline. Yikes! Any suggestions? (And yes, I’ve tried everything from simple saves, to going through the google suggestions of “File; options; manage; save options to file…”, saving to USB, saving to desktop and e-mailing to other computer… When I get to the other computer, it says file is not compatible. It’s the same version on both computers. Any other suggestions? (I’m off to start typing… again… from page 1, chapter 1… 90K words to go. Ugh.)

A quick solution is to find the Backup with the latest date and copy that to the other computer. See File > Options > Backup or Scrivener > Preferences > Backup for the location of your Backup files. The Backup is a ZIP-file. Unzip it on the other computer.

To get it to Word, Choose File > Compile and choose the docx file type, select the Modern Format in the left column, and Assign Section Layout to Section Types in the middle column. Make sure all necessary checkboxes in the right column are checked and hit the Compile button on the bottom right.

(Saving save the Scrivener project, Save Options to File saves your preferences, not your writing, Save to USB save you project to USB, Saving to Desktop saves your Project to the Desktop, to email that you’d have to Zip the project folder and all it’s content and that’s what a Backup is… )

Hope this helps…

As @AntoniDol says, send your latest backup via email or USB or whatever to the other PC.

To do this, do File > Backup > Backup To, then choose wherever you want to save the backup. Make sure Backup as ZIP file is checked.

This process will generate the backup, which should be a zip file containing your entire Scrivener project.

Get this to your other PC, then unzip the project folder, which will be named named something like MyProject.scriv.

Open that project folder, inside should be a file named (for example) MyProject.scrivx . (Note it’s .scrivx, not .scriv) Double-click on that file, Scrivener should open, you should be in business.


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  1. Note: You must close the Scrivener project before you move or copy or zip that project. In other words, your project should not be open in Scrivener when you manipulate the project file in the Finder. If you copy to USB a Scrivener project file that is open, the copy will not be valid – not openable.

  2. Quick way to get your stuff into Word in a pinch: Copy and paste! If your text is spread across multiple documents, if you click on the Draft/Manuscript folder and enable Scrivenings mode, then you will get all the text that is anywhere in the Draft folder showing altogether in the Editor view: just click in there, select all and Copy. Now paste into Word to create a quick Word doc of your stuff.