Unable to create a non-fiction, misc, or poetry[ADDRESSED]

I’ve been unable to open a non-fiction, misc, or poetry project… any suggestions? The icons for the templates are there, but when a file name is entered, the create button does not function. I can open a blank, or fiction and scriptwriting and create a project in those. I’ve uninstalled, re-installed, and replaced the Scrivener.exe that was posted a little earlier today. I’m running XP SP3. Thanks!

I presume you actually need a template to start a project?

Good catch.

Edit: Yep. this is indeed an issue.

I think templates are not yet finished. At least that is the case for the Mac preview. Keith said that the 2.0 Mac release on the 1st of November will include templates. These templates should be similar on Mac and Windows, so it might not be a bug.

Ahh I see…not having used Scrivener before (no Mac) I didn’t realize the templates were forthcoming. Thx!