Unable to delete highlighted text

OS 10.4.9
PPC 1.33 G4(iBook)
Scrivener 1.03

I highlight blocks of text (comprised of Action, Character, and Dialogue) in screenplay mode, press delete and nothing happens.

I try to cut it and still nothing.

But if I highlight individual words, or precise segments of text (where the highlight does not extend to the margins) I can delete them.

The only other way to delete is to hold down the delete key to backspace over un-highlighted text. This is new with this version.

Also, I was unable to reproduce the problem in TextEdit or TextMate.


I cannot reproduce this. Are you by any chance in Edit Scrivenings when this happens?

Yes, I am in Edit Scrivenings when this happens.

Could be that you’re trying to delete text or spaces that spans different individual Scrivenings, in which case it wouldn’t be allowed.

No, this happens in individual Scrivenings when in ES mode.

A thought: I’m copying sections of my work from my original draft written on Celtx, then converting to the Scrivener screenplay attributes. Could text copied from Celtx be doing this?