Unable to display images or operate the Edit/Insert menu only in the Windows version

I use Scrivener on Windows 11 (desktop) and Macbook Air (OS Sonoma).
The version of Scrivener installed on each is 3.3.6 for Mac and 64-bit version for Win.
I noticed that after pasting an image into the overview field of the corkboard in the Mac version of Scrivener, when I open the same project in Windows, the image does not show up there.
Not only that, but with the Windows version, I cannot drag and drop the image, the undo/redo and cut functions in the Edit menu, and most operations in the Insert menu are grayed out and unusable.
I reinstalled the Windows version, but that did not solve the problem. Is this a bug in the different versions of Scrivener?

In windows there is a setting in the options panel Appearance>Corkboard>options to display images as photographs. Is this unchecked?? This might be the problem.

Thanks. The check there was checked.

As you can see, most of the Edit and Insert menus are grayed out and unusable.
Is it because of the Japanese environment?

You need to toggle that setting for the file in which the image is.
Likely there is something amiss when opening a Mac project under Windows and the Win version of the app needs to be retold. (?)

[EDIT] Looking closer at your screenshot, I think you may simply not have the image. Like it didn’t follow the project. Perhaps images loaded in the synopsis panel don’t import in the project. So that would be why it’d work on one computer and not on another.
If so, you’d need the images to be in the project first.
(I am just theorizing, I neither have a Mac, or ever really used images in the synopsis panel that much.)

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The inability to drag and drop images out of the editor and into the binder or corkboard drop zone is a Windows limitation, rather than a bug. It’s not something we were able to figure out how to do.

As for the rest, I’m not sure what is going on, perhaps the image file type that was put into the index card is something the Windows version cannot read? I would try right-clicking on the image in the editor and using “Save as Picture…”, then try dropping it onto the index card drop zone in Windows.

If it still doesn’t work, what kind of image did it save? Maybe try converting it to PNG or JPG.

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AmberV, thanks for the reply.

The image I was loading was a psd, so I converted it to jpg and now I can view the image in Win.
It seems that the Mac version of Scrivener supports more image formats.

I see that the Windows version is not designed to drag and drop images directly onto the editor.
I also noticed that the Windows version does not allow undo/redo on the corkboard.

I hope that future updates will make the Windows version behave the same as the Mac version, but for now, my questions are answered. Thanks.

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Ah, yeah, PSD files if saved correctly (or least correctly for how you used it) will have a “compatibility layer”, which is basically a simple preview image (like a JPEG, although I think technically it is a TIFF file) saved into the file along with all of the Photoshop proprietary stuff that most software cannot read correctly. The Mac image display engine is capable of reading that preview image.

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