Unable to download german dictionary (1.6.1)

I just installed Linux on my netbook two days ago and have Scrivener running with Wine, since I own a windows copy which I use on my main computer (that, and because I had Windows XP installed on my netbook previously). I run Scrivener on two german systems and write in german.

Now I downloaded version 1.2.3 (not sure if it was .3 or .2) and entered my product key. At once, Scriveners interface switched to german automaticlly. But, my text was still underlied as false by the autocorrect. So, I tried to download the german dictionary. But every time the program tells me about a connection error once I start the download.
That’s the error I get:

I understand it so, that the server doesn’t detect my internet connection? Because seconds later I get an error that the dictionary download failed.
I already updated my version of Scrivener to 1.6.1 manually but I still get the error.

I use Scrivener since 1 1/2 years and I never had this proplem with my main desktop or the netbook running XP before.

Thanks in advance