Unable to download Scrivener for Windows

I’m trying to re-download Scrivener for Windows after rebuilding my computer, but when I press the ‘Download Free Trial’ button on Scrivener site (the only way I know to download the program) I’m taken to a blank page. In the address bar of the blank page is the location: /images/transparent.gif.

I’m feel sure that this has something to do with my browswer (Chrome), but I’ve also tried it on MS Edge with the same results.

Any help in solving this would humongously appreciated. :slight_smile:


Hmm. I’m using Chrome, and the download works fine for me.

Here’s the direct link: scrivener.s3.amazonaws.com/Scriv … taller.exe


Thanks, Katherine.

There must be something terribly wrong on my end, with my computer/internet. When i right click the file you sent and ‘save as’, it’s trying to save as a .gif with the file name transparent.gif. And it actually does save as a .gif.


Don’t right-click anything. Just (left) click on the link Katherine posted.

Left-clicking opens a blank window with the address: in the address bar.

Opens the Save FIle? prompt for me. Try another browser? Clear your cache?

And if you have any system wide or browser specific script blocking software installed, temporarily disable it or enter literatureandlatte and scrivener.s3.amazonaws (dot com) into its exclusion list.

Something is wrong with your connection.

That IP address doesn’t belong to either us or Amazon (our download hosting service). It belongs to FedEx: ip-tracker.org/locator/ip-lo … .81.212.12


Ah, thanks all. Katherine, I am behind a FedEx firewall and my internet is set up by someone else. I’ll look into it here – this points me in the right direction.


Figured it out and was able to download. It wouldn’t download through our wi-fi, but would through LAN.

Thanks for the help!


Yep, a firewall would do it. Probably doesn’t like downloading an executable file. Glad to hear you’re back on track. – Katherine

Hi, I am new to scrivener. I have used if with the free trial. I have now paid for licence. However when i click to download i get …“unsafe to download” . message.
I have never had that message before. Any ideas?

I have email with licence number but I don’t know where to place it as the dialogue box no longer appears.

If you have the trial version installed, you don’t need to download anything.
Scrivener should start up with a nag screen in which there is a link to where you have to paste your license information.
If you don’t get that nag screen at startup, then I guess you’ve already done so. (?)