Unable to edit styles in a compile format (copy)

Win 11/, Novel with parts template, compile to rtf (a new test project)

  1. I uploaded a compile format from one of @AmberV posts.
  2. I copied it to experiment with and renamed it.
  3. I double clicked on the center column to edit the styles
  4. I want to change the fonts and/or styled, but when I click into the right panel, after selecting the section type on the top right, everything is greyed out? Including style selector, font, size…

A possible contributing factor - I may have screwed up a project setting somewhere. I updated from 1.9, and went through about (all?) the menus… I did “restart” by closing all projects, then reopened Scrivener by clicking on my taskbar icon.

You need to check this box at the bottom.


And then click in the demo of what (text/title) you want to tweak.

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Oops, Sorry, you are of course correct. I’m not at my computer- on a break right now

It is the paragraph styles and font in the bottom right panel I am trying to edit.


Question - how come sometimes I can just highlight the text and tweak it? (Maybe that was for new section formats that I added?)

Box already checked (?)

If the box is not checked, you are telling the app to do nothing. So it won’t let you get confused by tweaking stuff that don’t matter and will ultimately have zero effect.


Not that I recall, but I’ll pay attention to it now!

Thank you Vincent!

(Off to more experimenting…)

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Some things I’ve noticed.

Solution - The particular case I was ‘stuck’ on and posted about had some coding under the prefix and suffix tabs I hadn’t noticed. I did try ticking the override box, but still couldn’t edit. When I removed the code in those tabs I was able to edit simply by selecting the text in the first window (no tick in the override).

QUESTION- What is the difference between entering prefixes/suffixes under the ‘Title Options’ tab where they appear on a single page vs. individually under the ‘prefix’ or ‘suffix’ tabs? What is the purpose of having are two UIs to enter (the same?) information?

Well, there are pre- and postfixes for the Title and those for the entire Section…

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