Unable to enter activiation code after the program deleted it due to update

Opened up the program after a long layoff, got a prompt to update and I did.

Unfortunately this wiped my activation code for some reason. I found the email with the code and went to re-enter it, (by some miracle saved from 2016…though I did also upgrade at some point to Scrivener 3-I have the email for that as well) but there does not seem to be any place to do it.

I checked the manual and it says to follow a Help>> Enter License Menu Command, but nothing like that shows on the Help menu. I’ve attached screenshots of what I’m seeing. It prompted me the first time I went into the program following the upgrade, but since I didn’t have the email at hand that time I clicked through the box. And now I apparently cannot enter it.


You’ll need your Scrivener 3 license key if you installed Scrivener 3.

More current installation information can be found here:

If it doesn’t prompt you for a license key, then it found your old one and you are successfully registered.