Unable to import PDF [into Draft folder]

Using the trial version of Scrivener 3.3.1 on MacOS (Sonoma 14.1.1). The “Import” option for “Web page” is greyed out. Under “Import > Files”, only RTF files are black (i.e. can be imported). Pages and PDFs are greyed out and cannot be imported.

Is this a trial-version restriction?

What’s a trial version?
Download the latest version from within the app, ver 3.3.6 if it supports your hardware or vice versa.

In addition to @Kevitec5’s suggestion, take note that the current version of macOS Sonoma is 14.4. Sonoma has had it’s teething troubles so probably best you keep up with each release.

There are no limitations on the trial version other than how long you’re allowed to use it. It sounds like the issue is where you’ve left focus in the binder when going to import. The Draft folder can only hold text documents, so items like PDFs and webpages can’t be imported there. If you change your binder selection to anywhere outside of that, e.g. to the Research folder, you should see that webpages and all other file types are available for import.


Many thanks, MimeticMouton, you are quite right and your proposed solution solved the problem.

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