Unable to launch Scrivener on Linux Ubuntu Studio 16.10 64 bit

Hi, I have an Ubuntu Studio 16.10 64 bit and although the download and install of Scrivener 64 bit 1.9.01 went well, I can see the scrivener icon in the list of Softwares. Clicking on it does not launch Scrivener. Also upon entering the command “which scrivener” i got the location as /usr/bin/scrivener. What should I do?

Scrivener only works untill 16.04 LTS version : https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/scrivener-cant-be-installed-on-ubuntu-16-10/35237/1

We have a year ton find a new solution.

Not entirely true. I have scrivener running under Ubuntu 17.04. But you have to manually install some older libraries.


(trying to install the base package for gstreamer will give you the dependencies you need, download and install with sudo dpkg -i where needed).

It starts, but doesn’t close properly. Nothing is guaranteed.

Isn’t that the truth! Anyone into linux/POSIX since the beginning is used to that, though! We’d rather show up to the airport with a bag of tools & build our own airplane at the gate! :slight_smile:

My beefy laptop is on Ubuntu 16.04, and I run lots of win VMs, still would be nice to run natively, especially if I could share docs/books/manuscripts between them all. I own the Windows version.

Hoping this progresses, though I have to imagine there is no financial motivation to do so… :frowning:

I had a similar experience on Xubuntu & Ubuntu MATE 18.04 but managed to find the missing libraries which I have saved to my PC.
It just struck me that packaging up Scrivener as a snap or flatpak package might be the answer to missing dependencies.
Is there anyone clever enough to know how to do that?

Mr B