unable to launch/uninstall Scrivener

I saw you’ve already been in touch via the email support, but just for anyone else reading–Yes, it seems that whatever is preventing Scrivener running is doing so before Scrivener generates the diagnostic log. Since that’s pretty much the first thing Scrivener does, the issue is occurring before Scrivener itself starts executing. Unfortunately that means we can’t get any info about this from Scrivener itself, so we need to be looking at other system reports to suss out what is going on.

One source for this is the Windows Even Viewer. On Windows 10, you should be able to run it by right-clicking the Windows start menu and selecting “Event Viewer” from the list.

In the left sidebar, expand “Custom View” and select “Administrative Events”, then from the menu select Action > Save All Events in Custom View As… and save the file as the “Event Files (*.evtx)” type.

Please then expand the Windows Logs folder in the Event Viewer sidebar and repeat the Save As for “Application”, “Security”, “Setup”, and “System”.

You can then attach the files to an email to windows.support AT literatureandlatte DOT com or upload them to a server and provide a link for our developer to download them. The logs may provide some more insight into what’s going on with your Windows system when you’re trying to launch Scrivener.

A solution has been posted by MimeticMouton inside this thread: Help! Downloaded update now Scrivener won’t load