Unable to license Scrivener 3 using Crossover

Has anyone here succeeded in getting a(n upgrade) licence for Scrivener 3 using Crossover? My version fails to connect to the licensing server with the following alert:

[attachment=0]Screenshot 2021-04-03 at 13.18.15.png[/attachment]

I have no idea if it’s possible or even how to install .Net v.4.6.2 in Crossover (20.0.4, running on an M1 MacBook Air).



For some reason the image appears when I preview the post but not when it’s submitted!

I don’t know much about Macs.
I licensed Windows Scrivener3 on Linux running Crossover 19 by following AmberV’s post:


Hope it helps,


Thanks Lee. That would be great, but the process fails when I try to send my email address and v. 1 licence number in order to get the discount code.

Being on an M1 (Apple Silicon) Mac, I can’t downgrade to Crossover 19 to see if that would help.

I’ve emailed Lit&Lat support and also opened a thread on the Crossover Mac forums at codeweavers.com, so I’ll hope to



Do you have dotnet 4.62 installed? It needs dotnet 4.62. Also, is your version of Crossover affected by this bug? bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=49531

I’m running Crossover 20 and licensed Scrivener 3.0. Open a case with Scrivener support. They can help you with the licensing issue.

Paddle software apparently requires IE and this seems to be the cause of the failure.

I forgot all about upgrade pricing and so paid full-price through the L&L web store. However, from the various threads in the Windows section, it looks as though there may be a way to get the discount code by purchasing an upgrade license through the web store. That said, open a support ticket first.