Unable to mark text across multiple lines or to position cursor, text scrolls way too fast immediately

Hi everyone,

Not sure if anyone has the same issue, I couldn’t find anything in the forum.

When I try to select longer text paragraphs by first selecting a word with long-press and then moving one of the appearing text-marking handles, the complete text moves so fast up or down (depending on whether I drag the marker upwards or downwards) that it is almost impossible to release the marker handle at the right place. It literally takes half a second for a whole ‚page‘ of text to scroll/pass under my fingers, which makes marking of text sections a real pain. Is there a way to make this scrolling slower? I believe it isn’t that fast in other applications, including native iOS apps.
Also, sometimes positioning the cursor in the right space just by tapping there doesn’t work and e only way to reposition it right is to press and drag it to the right spot. Once the keyboard is open there is not much text area for editing available and when I try to press and drag my curser to the place I want (for example) add a comma, it’s almost impossible to do so as my whole text starts scrolling so fast that it scrolls out of the text editing area.

It sounds like a little insignificant issue but when you edit a lot of text and change the order of sentences or mark any sections to convert them to a list, I. e., this issue can very quickly be very annoying.

I believe it is not a problem of my devices as I tried it on 2 different iPhones (5 and 6S) and on a 12“ iPad Pro, and I have experienced the same issue across all devices.

Does anyone know if this is adjustable or might there be a change in a future software update?
Any hints will be greatly appreciated!


To make things easier for text selection use the select and arrow buttons in the extended keyboard row. In the row, there’s three sets of eight buttons (they’re customizable). Swipe left or right to access each set of eight. In the image (from the tutorial) below, the row swipe area is circled in blue, the select button in red. After selecting, increase/decrease the selection amount by using the six arrow buttons.

I long-press for somewhat precise cursor control.