Unable to open Scapple


I’ve just updated Scapple and now the programme no longer works. When I double click on the Scapple icon a question mark appears over the icon and then nothing happens. The question marks just stays on the icon until I turn off my computer and turn it on again. Then if I click on scapula again the same thing repeats itself.

Can I ask what you suggest?

I have an Apple iMac and am running Mac OS X Version 10.7.5

I updated Scapple through the Software Update button on the About This Mac window.


Try reinstall it and see if that helps.

I agree, this sounds like the updater malfunctioned. That can happen sometimes, even around the protections in place to avoid it. Removing the broken copy and downloading it again usually fixes things. From the way you described updating, you will need to use the Purchases tab in the Mac App Store program to reinstall. In my experience the MAS software can get a bit confused at times, so its best to completely empty the trash and then restart the MAS software if the button doesn’t let you install.

Thanks for the suggestions! I am curious if anyone else has had the same problem. My fix was to use Time Machine and to go back to the day before the update. Then I restored the files and everything now works.

It’s likely someone else out there had the same thing happen. It’s just one of those things that can happen with the MAS. I don’t know why it is, but I’ve had many programs download in an unusable state after an update. I’ve had to delete them from the drive and then download them again from the Purchases tab. It’s not something that has anything to do with Scapple, and you should contact Apple technical support if it happens on a regular basis.