Unable to recover

Back in 2016 I published a book. Now want to revise but now all my chapters appear to not contain any text.
Is there something I have forgotten that I can do to recover.

Where are the files located? Are you sure they exist? If on a folder that is synched with a cloud service, are all the files set to be offline?

Hi @Barry15916,

Iā€™m assuming that back in 2016 you were using some version of Scrivener v1.9.

Between 2016 and now, my assumption is that at some point you migrated to a new PC. How you transferred your Scrivener data from old to new PC likely has some bearing to your current issue.

The project folder with your writing would be named something like YourProjectName.scriv, and the contents of the project folder should look something like this:

Please find your project folder and report back here what the contents are.