Unable to remove revision levels

I have used revision colors extensively. I am now finished and want to remove all colors from the project. It doesn’t seem to work for me. I have read 18.5.3. In the command, Format>Revision Mode >Remove All Revisions, the ‘Remove All Revisions’ is grayed out. Ditto for removing one revision at a time. I have tried selecting the whole manuscript, selecting nothing at all, and selecting multiple documents. The best I can do is one document at a time, which would demand that I do about 300 separate removes, which I am not anxious to do.

This is an editor level command, rather than a document level command, so you’ll need to have the text loaded in an editor and the cursor blinking within it in order for this command to activate. In order to accomplish stripping out revisions from multiple documents, you would want to use Scrivenings mode. Just clicking on the top-level Draft folder and loading the whole thing at once should suffice (though may take a few seconds to load everything that way).

Another thing to consider, if you are primarily concerned with getting a clean copy during compile, is that there is a toggle in the Transformations compile option pane which can strip all text colour. So if it really doesn’t matter if the working draft itself remains marked, that’s something to consider.

Thanks, AmberV.

I’ve been using Scrivener for over a year now, but still am a beginner at some things, like Scrivenings. I’ll check that out. I may just keep the revisions and compile without color, though in my document, a few highlights and colors remain after the compile. But easy to find those.

Thanks for your useful suggestions, as always.

Scrivenings is really easy to use if you haven’t before. Just click on the draft folder—you’ll probably see a corkboard or outliner at this point. Now use the View/Scrivenings menu command to switch to the composite text editor mode. This lets you work with the entire manuscript at once, as though it were in a traditional word processor (though most often people use it with much smaller sections of text, like a chapter). Once you have the view mode switched, just put the cursor anywhere in the text and now the revision removal tool should work.