Unable to set document to "General Text" Type

Thanks Scrivener team for making this fabulous software. I read a review of this on Merlin Mann’s 43folders.com and was sold from the moment I was trying out the trial. I’ve even blogged a review of this a while back.

Guys, I’m stuck with this small yet highly irritating issue. I’ve created a Scrivener Binder for Blog posts and have quite a few enteries in this now. Now whenever I hit Cmd+N within the Binder for a new Blog post the default formating is set for “Scene Heading” instead of “General Text” what I prefer. I tried searching through the help file as well as through various options but to no avail. Please help me set it back to “General Text”.

Thanks a mil!


Hi Arif,

Thanks for the compliments - glad you like Scrivener. Actually, the scrivener “team” is a team of one - just me. :slight_smile:

As for your problem - the text mode is set for the editor rather than for the document. You just need to go to the Text menu and select Mode > General Text to set it back to normal. (Or, if you’re using one of the latest betas, deselect the script mode via the Text > Scriptwriting menu.)

Hope that helps.


Hello Keith,

Wow, that’s some pretty nifty coding for one person to do.

Thanks once again for designing the software Keith and also for the quick support.

The next comment probably belongs in the wish list forum, but since I have your attention, I agree with Merlin that the only lack I find in Scrivener that it aint the best for fast web writing. If in future upgrades one could type one’s entire blog post insert pictures and have it uploaded too (as good as Windows Live Writer), that would be really something.

Take care Keith. Keep smiling :slight_smile:

Arif Vakil
Bangalore, India

Ps. Oh here’s the post where I blogged about Scrivener

A lot of products already available, some free, are for “fast web writing.” There’s no need to make Scrivener the Swiss Army Knife of all-purpose writing effort, literary or otherwise. That’s just my two scents.