Unable to use license code for Scrivener

I purchased Scrivener on January 29th of this year. About a month ago, my computer was completely destroyed. I have since attempted to re-install scrivener, but it refuses to accept my license. The installer tells me that my license is for Scrivener 1, and that I’m trying to install Scrivener 3. It then gives me a link to an installer…for Scrivener 3. I’ve attempted to contact support, But all I have received is an automated reply, with a link to the same installer that doesn’t work. I am unable to find a phone number, email, post office box, or any other means of contacting L&L directly.

If someone with the ability to resolve this problem could contact me, I would appretiate it.

You can access a legacy copy of Scrivener 1 via this link. It should work correctly with your license code.

And, for future reference, you can contact our support team using the resources on this webpage.

By the way, I’m sorry to hear about the destroyed computer. That ranks high on the list of nightmares, doesn’t it?

Your link worked, thank you. I appretiate your effort and prompt response on my behalf. While your personal help fully meets a desirable standard for customer service, the rest of my customer experience has been unsatisfactory for the following reasons.

The links your automated reply system were sending me were only for 3.0, no matter what I did on my end.

Either your support team is grossly overpaid, as they seem to be letting the auto-reply system do their job, or they are grossly overworked, and they are unable to reach customers in a two week time frame.

If you are relying on a fully automated system, I strongly suggest writing a few extra lines to check which version is on the customer record, and sending the correct download link. Perhaps a check box system. There are many options.

With regards to Scrivener 1.9 becoming ‘legacy software’ within 9 months of purchase, with no upgrade path, other than buying a new copy at full price, one could be forgiven for viewing this as a rather shameless attempt at revenue extraction from your customer base. While I’m sure that was not L&L’s intent, the appearance of the matter is not a great look for L&L

Regards, Matthew House.

I can understand your frustration with automated messages, Matthew. They are not always as on point as we might wish.

As for Literature & Latte, we are quite a small software company, and our tech-support team members are located around the globe. It can take us a little time to answer all of the help tickets we receive. However, we do our best to be thorough and diligent when addressing our customers’ concerns and questions.

In your message, you expressed frustration with Scrivener 1 becoming a legacy program without an upgrade process other than full price. I urge you to review this webpage, which outlines our upgrade pricing policy and how to get discounted upgrade pricing for recent purchases.

Should you choose to upgrade to Scrivener 3, I recommend that you first take advantage of the 30-day trial period, which will allow you to test Scrivener 3’s features and improvements.

When we released Scrivener 3, our goal was functional parity and consistency between the Windows and Mac versions. For some users, a program that works more like the Mac version is ideal. Others prefer Scrivener 1’s appearance and tools.

Since we offer the trial period, exploring Scrivener 3’s features before upgrading your license could help you determine if it’s the right program for you.

We have an Upgrade Guide for Scrivener 1 users, which demonstrates how your old Scrivener 1 projects will be upgraded to work in Scrivener 3. You can download that interactive guide here.

I also recommend using the Interactive Tutorial for Scrivener 3, which you can access via its Help menu. That is also where you’ll find Scrivener’s Manual in PDF form. Those tools can help you become familiar with Scrivener 3 more quickly, and that should aid you in deciding if upgrading is the right choice or not.

I forgot one additional resource that you might find helpful.

On our website, you can sign up for our newsletter. We do not overwhelm your inbox with news, and it’s a good way to get alerts when we release updates for our products.

You can also sign up for the newsletter from within Scrivener.

Well, there’s good news. Once I had 1.9 installed, 3.1 installed smoothly, and upgrade without issue. The problem was getting 1.9 installed in the first place. Once that was done, everything else just fell into place, and it upgraded to 3.0 for free, and without incident. Again, thank you for your help, you’ve made an extremely frustrating process function when before you arrived, it was not. Thank you.

Regards, Matthew House.

Have to say, that and the rest of the post came across as ‘going off half cocked’.

L&L have always had plenty of info on the upgrade process including the free upgrade to V3 for recent purchases.

I (and I’m guessing most others) have always found L&L support very helpful.

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Please let’s keep forum discussions civil. While we appreciate that many users have found L&L support helpful, whether through direct communication or the knowledge base and other resources on our website, the OP’s frustration is certainly understandable. Given that Matthew has been able to get the upgrade and installation sorted out successfully with thanks to Ruth for her help in the process, the issue is resolved.

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Despite our small staff size, we do try to reply much faster than this! From the records in our system, Astrid sent a reply to your email on October 26, less than a day after we received your email. Quite likely, since you never saw it, your email sent it to a spam or junk folder. In case you need to contact support again in the future, setting your spam filter to “white list” both the “literatureandlatte.com” and “tenderapp.com” domains should help avoid this.