underline and blue text after links

When I copy a URL’s (highlighting the address in the web browser Chrome, and pasting it into a folder or file in the research section of my project) I am finding that I cannot type in anything after the URL in normal type. Everything I type, even after leaving blank lines, turns out underlined and in blue text.

This has several times on several occasions.

Using XP with 2nd service pack. Beta 1.4 version.


If you’re using 1.4, you might want to upgrade to 1.5. There were some significant text upgrades. I believe the link is stickied up at the top.

I should have added that I have beta 1.5 on my laptop and the same thing happens there when I’m working on a document and copy in a URL by cut and paste. Have tried turning on and off underlining, but nothing seems to work.’

However, last not I cut and pasted a few sentences of text from the internet site and THAT turned off the underline with blue text.