Underline and Ungroup

Hi, this Beta 23 is great and a version I really can work with - keep it up folks, Scrivener is great!

Two minor bugs I seem to have found so far:

1.) I have some docs in a folder, when I underline the first line (to mark it as a sort of headline or so) this remains although I reformat it to plain text. Just switch to another doc and go back - underline is there again. :unamused:

2.) I have sorted my scenes by day and was to see if I could see a tile for each scene in the corkboard of the parent folder (of the days) by ungouping. Oooops… the structure got destroyed and the corkboard of the parent folder (which showed a stack of scene tiles for each day) remains empty. :confused:

Regards, Tom from Koeln / Cologne (Germany)

I had the same problem with underline. I moved text up to just below an underlined and bolded number. When I went back to the page later, it had bolded and underlined that text immediately below. I seem able to remove the bolding, but the underlining is very persistent!

The underlining bug has been logged–it seems that when the first word of a paragraph has special character formatting, the carriage return is picking it up and then not letting it go, even when you remove it in Scrivener, so the whole paragraph ends up with the formatting.

As for the ungroup, it sounds like it did exactly what it’s supposed to, so unless I’m misunderstanding, that’s not a bug. Ungroup takes the contents of the selected container and moves them out of the container to become sibling items with the parent container; the parent container remains (empty), so you should be able to just drag the items back in to correct the mistake. To view the subitems along with their containers, try just selecting the folders and their contents in the binder and viewing the multiple selection on the corkboard.