Underline color

For some reason, underlines occasionally come out blue, or some other color besides black. Highlighting the word and using the color picker to select a color doesn’t change the word color, but not the underline color. I’m sure there’s a simple trick here that I’m missing–if so, would someone enlighten me? :open_mouth:


Sounds like a bug, but how about using the underline colour selector? In the Font pallette, in the underline drop down. Does that change it?

And just to clarify, it sounds like a Cocoa bug, not a Scrivener one - and yes, I know I seem to say this a lot and it probably sounds like an excuse. :slight_smile: But Scrivener does nothing funny with underlining or colours at all - all of that is handled by the Cocoa text system. If you could post the exact steps required to reproduce the problem, I would be grateful. Then we can see what sort of bug this is, if it is one.

Thanks, AmberV & Keith. I wish I knew what I’d done to get the underlining colored, alas! :frowning:

I notice that this is occurring in at least one document, but not all of them in the project. If I go to a second document and underline there, the underline is black. I can copy that underlined word into the first document, and the underline will then stay black, even if I overtype the word and change it to something else. But the paste doesn’t seem to change the document’s default underline color–if I underline some other word, it still comes out blue.

AmberV, I may be dense here, but I’m not sure how to get to the font palette. I searched the tutorial and didn’t find that phrase. When I go to Text -> Font -> Show colors and use the color palette, it doesn’t change the underline color. (Same when I get to the color palette through shift-command-c.)

It is in Text/Font/Show Fonts. Or Cmd-T. The underline tool is in the top left.

Ah yes, that palette. Duh! (smacks self)

And…that did it! I don’t know what caused the color to shift in the first place, since I am clearly unfamiliar with that particular part of the font palette, LOL. But changing the underline color to black per AmberV’s directions worked!

Many thanks. :slight_smile: