Understanding the "Research Folder"

Can you explain the “Research Folder.” The manual says, “The Research folder is the default import location for non-text documents such as images, pdf files and so on (although it can hold text files too),” however, I haven’t found an instance in which files go into this folder.

That is, if I choose File/Import/Files, they go into a document after the currently edited document, even if it’s in the manuscript.

Perhaps it’s just a suggested folder? OTOH, I can’t delete the Research folder.

Just curious.


Have you imported any PDF files?

You can’t delete the Research folder. It is one of three folders that all projects have. (The other two being Draft and Trash.) You can rename it, though.


I just imported a pdf from my desktop, and it went into the Research folder.

However, this also happened. I was editing the “G finds out more about tattoo” document, and chose File/Import and look what I got:

Anyway, I’ve satisfied my curiosity, and I’ll go back to work now.

Yes, you can import to the Draft folder as well. But only text-based files (and folders) can go there.