Undo/Footnote Bug

Right! I’ve imported an RTF file with footnotes, which I’ve then proceeded to cut up into smaller documents within a folder in the binder. As noted elsewhere on the forum, importing seems to ‘black out’ the content of the footnote - the text is still there, but it seems impossible to change the highlight colour.

However, I’ve also noticed another problem. In a document that has these blacked out footnotes, if you place the cursor before a footnote and click ‘undo’ (ctrl + Z), then the following is inserted into the text:

{\Scrv_fn= \end_Scrv_fn}

Sometimes this also contains text from the footnote itself. The error also sometimes seems to occur when the cursor is placed randomly in the document (but causing the above code to appear somewhere in the document).

Also, I’ve just noticed, these insertions seem subsequently to disappear (i.e. on returning to the document after clicking away)!

I’m running Windows 7 64 bit.

Hope this helps.