I’ve searched everywhere and tried the cmd Y in case it may work like Word (it doesn’t), so how does one ‘undo’ in Mac Scrivener?
Also, Redo?



CMD Z, not Y, for undo.

CMD SHIFT Z for redo.

Slàinte mhòr.

Note also that if you can find a command in the menus (Edit -> Undo, in this case), the shortcut if there is one will be shown there.


Thank you! CMD Z works and I swear, I tried it 34 times before asking here!

Obviously, I am new to this software (loving it so far, but some things are not easy here) and I’m not sure what you mean when you say, “If you can find a command in the menus…” Where would I look for such a critter? Again, thank you!

If there is a shortcut for a command, the shortcut is shown next to the command.
If you click on Edit in the menu, you have Undo at the top with its shortcut.

OMG, Lunk, this is brilliant!
Me, notsomuch, but this?This is! Thank you!

Another problem I’m having is when I import from MS Word or Pages, I can not change the formatting within. Like, there is paragraph I imported as double spaced. I want to make it single spaced now. Nope, can’t be done. What am I missing, please, if you know?

I’m sorry to be so dense, but there ya have it. Me, today. I blame the snow.

When importing or copy/paste text from elsewhere, it is common for formatting to need changing to your preference in S. Often I copy/paste stuff that arrives in the form of a table.

The solution is to clear the import format style and start over. On the menu Format, there are several options, You can create the format you want then make that the default format for all new entries.

Or you could create a style via the Format menu. Or via the drop-down menu (choose Style (which might say No style) either select one of the default styles or create your own.

(S help manual will tell you how. Worth reading from start to finish.)

There is a handy Formatting toolbar which you can enable also. The toolbar item for adjusting linespacing and space-after appears on the format toolbar as a number – namely the value of the linespacing of the current paragraph (by default set to 1.1).

However, in practice I almost always prefer to paste text without styling (look on the edit menu for Paste and Match Style). Then I don’t have to do cleanup – I get my text in my default Scrivener style (or whatever style I have going in the editor area at the time).

By the way, welcome to the Forums. Scrivener is fantastic. Enjoy learning about it. I do suggest you focus on just those aspects of Scrivener you need to get going – there are indefinitely many bells and whistles that you can pick up later at your leisure.


P.S. Regarding Undo: since Scrivener is not just a text editor, but is also a manager of text documents (and a good deal more), many of the things you can do in Scrivener can effect multiple docs. So, not everything you can do is undoable. Things you do editingwise to a single doc are undoable much as you would expect from your Word experience, but things you can do that span multiple documents or have to do with their management (like rearranging them in the Binder) are not always undoable. This is just down to the complex array of different kind of things Scriv can do and the potential bigness of the projects Scriv handles.

Hey Scrivener?

Seems like there are an awful lot of us that would like those undo/redo buttons on the toolbar, whether it’s a normal OS X thing, or not. Both Word for Mac and Google Docs have them…might want to consider making it an option to add the buttons to the toolbar.