Undoing a Style change makes editor jump to top of document

A little bugglet. Maybe already known?

I have found that Scrivener will relocate the cursor to the top of a document immediately after undoing a change to the Style of some text.

Variation 1:

  1. create a new paragraph
  2. type some text and apply a Style
  3. undo that change
  4. cursor jumps to top of document

Variation 2:

  1. place cursor in, or select, some text mid-document that has previously had a Style applied.
  2. apply “No Style” or remove the style
  3. undo that change
  4. cursor jumps to top of document

At first I thought it was jumping to the top of the editor, but doing the above steps in a document that is part of a scrivening shows that it’s a document based thing,

I second this. I just got Scrivener 3 for Windows and this bug is bugging me too, so I wanted to bump this up. Is there a particular thread for reporting bugs? I have a few to report.

Tag them for “Scrivener for Windows” and “bug” and start one thread per bug report rather than grouping them all together. But first do a search and see if there’s already a thread for the bug (even if it’s from the beta – not all the known bugs were fixed before the release) and if needed add additional details to the existing thread.

This still exists. It’s from the beta: [LH3608] Undo after Style change sends to top of page