Unexpected automatic changing of fonts on documents

I’m not quite sure what this is, but here’s the “bug.”

I often work with Scrivener in the split-pane editing mode, so that I can see two documents at once—generally my active writing document and my research pertaining to that. When I take a writing break, I will often close the lid of my MacBook, running OS X 10.6.6 and Scrivener (Script Frenzy)

On the current project, I am writing in Latin Modern Sans 10.

Nothing should happen. The font should remain the same.

  • Often (but not always, as far as I can tell), the font of the open editor windows will change, usually to Lucida Grande.
  • In addition, now that I check on my current project, the whole project will show in Lucida Grande when I click on the project binder, or on folders in the project binder with contained documents. Clicking on the actual documents inside the folders show those documents to still be using the original (Latin Modern Sans) font.
  • So documents themselves are untouched (except for those up in the editing windows), but when viewed as scrivenings in the folder, the font is changed.

I have tried my best. :slight_smile:

A correction. The default document font is set to Lucida Grande, but the text itself change to Helvetica.

There are a few places I know of where retaining the format is difficult, most of them revolve around Scrivenings mode and some of its optional display settings. Helvetica is a common symptom. Do you happen to use that mode a lot?

A fix was made for 2.0.5 involving Scrivenings and the single line break separators option. Text typed in to the very end of a document could end up as Helvetica. I’m not sure if this fix made it in to the version that ScriptFrenzy was made from, though. And of course, if you aren’t using that option it doesn’t apply anyway.

Hmm. Just happened again on wake from sleep.

will try the newer scrivener to see if that makes a change.

The text actually changes to Lucida Grande. Annoying. A font I hate.

I do happen to use Scrivening mode quite a bit, as I like to see what a whole section with subsection titles looks like (since I do most of my output to Latex anyway) and to make sure that there are no “blank” sections being dumped out.

What is the single line break option? I don’t think this applies here, but we should check in any case, I would guess.

It is, BTW, most definitely about folders versus files. If I click on a folder in scriv mode, all text displayed goes to Lucida Grande. If I click on a file (with or without subfiles), all text remains in the original font.

So it seems that there are two problems that look similar. One has to do with folder display in scriv mode, and the other has to do with the font of the open editing windows being changed.

It’s an option at the bottom of the Formatting preference pane—it makes the Scrivenings divider look more like a cropping mark on a printed sheet, and doesn’t take up any vertical space. I like it in conjunction with titles.

Update: Okay, so when you say folders vs files, you mean if you open a folder text all by itself (or is it Scrivenings mode—so the folder text is at the very top?) the text editor always reverts to L.G. if nothing is in there?

By folder and file, I mean the way that those are represented iconically within the main project inside the binder window. We can write into a folder as if it were a document (and it contains subdocuments), and we can write into a document that also has subdocuments. (You can see what I mean, sort of, in the included graphic. There are folders with subdocuments and dcuments with subdocuments; no matter what they are, I can write into them.

So sometimes, in the view I show here (a folder in Scrivenings view), all the text is in Lucida Grande. But if I click down to the first document (“Country Case Studies”) the text will show in the editor as Latin Modern Sans. If I go further and click on “Public Policy Output” in Scrivenings mode, the text will all appear as Latin Modern Sans (my default for the project). If I click on the lower folder (“AIDS and Development”), and I use scrivening mode, back to Lucida Grande.

I thought I had posted a reply to this, but it seems not to have been posted.

This behavior is still occurring in 2.0.5. The font gets changed to Lucida Grande upon wake from sleep, even when not in Scrivenings mode.

Any ideas?

Does this happen after an image, symbol or bullet point? There are several places in Apple’s text system where the font can get reset either to Helvetica or Lucida Grande, and these are some known places.
Thanks and all the best,

It seems to happen to all of the text in the open window, regardless of whether there are bullets, etc. (I rarely use the RTF bullets and so forth, as I eventually output to Latex, and an asterisk followed by a tab goes through MMD better.)

I can’t reproduce this at all, so there must be something specific going on - if you can find some specific steps that need to be taken to reproduce this, please let me know.

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