Unexpected crashes with newest version of Scrivener 3.14

I have had an increased number of crashes with the lastest update, have windows 11 pro with 64 gigs of ram in a computer under 2 years old. I do normally have 4-5 projects open at once and that pattern is unchanged from earlier versions without crashes. This is NOT during the compile process but ordinary usage. Program freezes and getting revolving circle and frozen program and is not project specific. Has anyone else encountered this issue?

That’s certainly nothing like I’ve experienced, nor have I seen an elevated number of cases involving crashing around here or in tech support. I’d suspect more of a local condition, either data or configuration that has changed recently. You could also downgrade for a bit and see if it goes away—even if just for testing purposes.

Make sure you have logging enabled in the General: Warnings settings tab. When you sense a freeze coming, pull that up and see if anything suspicious has happened recently.

will try that. thank you, where do I send a log file of a crash?
I am using a custom theme for Scrivener made by Antoni Dol, but this worked well without any problems for at least a month before these random crashes.

Just sending it in to tech support is fine. I wouldn’t bother unless it looks odd though, you should be able to see what normal info looks like if you observe it for a bit. It will mostly just be loading and unloading files as you click on things.

I don’t think themes would impact stability, although images loading into the interface might.

thanks for your help