Uninstalling Scrivener Thoroughly?

Having searched the wiki and this forum for information regarding uninstalling Scrivener, I am posting this topic in the hopes of obtaining an answer.

So…how does one uninstall Scrivener…completely. In other words, there should be nothing remaining in locations like (any) Application Support, Contextual Menus, or Services folders.

This includes removal of the optional Extras items.

The easiest way to do this is buy AppZapper.
You drag an app to its window, it lists all the app files, and you zap it.
Accompanied by a satisfying ZAP sound.
It’s $12.95, and you get free upgrades for life.
I’ve used it again and again to clear the junk from my Apps folder.
And the junk in associated system folders, which are hard to find.
A very worthwhile utility.

PS: You doubtless have a good reason, but uninstalling Scrivener? :cry:

Another application that can perform this type of sweep is Hazel, which costs a touch more. It is actually a file and folder automation program of superb quality. It can help keep your Downloads folder clean, label files by how often you access them, and so on. It also has a tab for managing the trash—keeping it either down to a specified size or deleting by date range. It also has an option that scans the trash for applications and then does an AppZapper style sweep for associated files. It will prompt you with a list of things to delete which can be selectively tailored (allowing you to wipe out contextual menus and whatnot, but say keep your preferences and Application Support info). Another nice thing it does is the inverse. If an application that has had its support files swept is detected as moved from the Trash back into the Applications folder, it will ask if you want to re-instate everything back to where it should go.

Thanks for your replies, Amber. Great info, indeed!