Unintended meaning

A TV advert for dating website oasis.com I saw today stated that “Oasis helps more than 8,000 people start a new relationship every month” - my first reaction being “who are all these fickle people?”


Naah! Us swinger are at it every week 8)

The one that always makes me chuckle is when people tell me they are running to support cancer. Because died from it.

Trust me, if you snigger when your boss says this it doesn’t go down well.

I once saw a bus in Cambridge which had a poster on the back that said “Going nowhere? Follow me to Anglia Polytechnic.”

Yesterday the BBC website carried:
“Sawmill future secure following cuts.”

But my all-time favourite is the headline innocently written by a former colleague about a youth worker clinging to his job in the face of accusations of paedophilia:
“Scoutmaster sticks it out.”

My all-time favourite is the headline a (Chinese) colleague gave to a news item in the first couple of weeks of my working for Xiamen TV.

“Fake Toilet-paper Manufacturer Cracked”



Every time I’m flicking through the channels on Sky and see the program title Steven Spielberg Presents Taken, I feel sad that his birthday was ruined by thieves. :slight_smile:


“Want to go bike riding?”[/size]