Unique Link

Create two scrivenings with the same name. Drag a link from binder to a new document. Click the link. It will take you to the first one in the binder, rather than the one you linked to.

The same also occurs with the right-click link to menu and with the wiki-link style [[]]. The only way I can seem to get the correct link is right-clicking on a document in the binder and selecting copy document link. But this gives an ugly link if pasted into Scrivener (though it looks fine if pasted into Word).

Do you mean two documents with the same name? I don’t think you can link to a scrivenings (since it’s a view, not a document). I do think there are some documented problems with links in Windows Scrivener 3.

I cannot reproduce the majority of the issues you describe. If I specifically target an item to be linked to, it is linked to that item. Links do not point to items by their names, so it really shouldn’t matter if there is one or a hundred other items with the same name. The link points to the internal ID, so that if the name changes the link does not break. Here is a test result:

link_test.zip (137.8 KB)

As for [[wiki]] style links, that is to be expected since you aren’t specifically targeting an item, but rather searching for one by name. The first item in the binder that matches the name will be linked to.