Universal License? - and Upcoming iOS

Hi Everyone, I hope everyone doing well.

I have a question. I have just read that the ios version is in development on the other topics. Is there going to be a universal License to cover all 3 versions ? (mac,windows,ios) (Like Afiinity suite). If so it would be great!

Or a combined license for both mac and windows versions ? I am curious about what LL is planning/thinking ?

The reason is; if there will be a universal license with upcoming iOS version I would go for that one. Or if there will be a combined license option(mac+pc), I would go for that one as well. And finally If somehow LL will switch to subscription model I would like to purchase before that happens :slight_smile: Many developers/companies announced upcoming price increases or pricing model changes. Is there anything we should consider for lets say next 6 months ?

I am planning to buy mac version but I would like to know If any upcoming news I should be aware of so I can make the right decision.

Thanks in advance.

We do not discuss future releases. You should base your decision on our current offerings, not guesses about what the future may hold.

We do not offer a universal license for Scrivener, though we do offer a Mac/PC bundle.

We dislike subscription models ourselves. Be aware, though, that we have no control over Apple’s decisions, and they are currently encouraging developers to adopt subscription plans.

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We announced a price increase last October which has since been implemented. As @kewms said, we don’t discuss future releases, but we did just raise our prices for the first time in 5 years :wink:

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