Unmerge Quick Ref panels

I’m running Scrivener 3.3.1 on Mac Mojave 10.14.6
I have opened multiple Quick Ref panels and merged them into a single tabbed window. This is fine, but I don’t always want my QR panels to open in a single window. I can’t find a way to stop this behavior, now that it’s started. And it seems to affect all my projects, not just the project where I tried out the merge all windows feature. Help

To un-merge, you can either drag the tab(s) out to whatever location you want, or use the Window → Move Tab to New Window command.

This is not helpful. I don’t want to keep having to unmerge QR panels. I want to PREVENT newly-opened panels from automatically being merged.

In my test, once you un-merge them they (and new panels) should stay un-merged.

If that’s not what you’re seeing, there may be something specific to your system going on. Please open a support ticket, here: